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Simple Stampscapes

Simple Stampscapes

Ducks and Reed fb.jpg

Simple Stampscapes

This "Simple Stampscape"

uses only two images and

very little color - and yet

it captures a moment

in nature.

Try taking a 1.5"x1.5" square and

the images that capture your

imagination (even if they are

ridiculously too big!) and stamp

your thoughts out.  Overlap sometimes and leave space sometimes - until whats in your head is reflected on that little square!  It might surprise you!


"Simple Stampscapes" began when I felt the

need to help my customers not feel intimidated when encountering Stampscapes for the first time.  There are Many images - and it can be overwhelming!

Over time - "Simple Stampscapes" evolved into an idea that simplicity can portray a powerful feeling all on it's own.  Now, to me, this idea represents beauty, imagination, a micro world and simplicity all at once.


Creating a seasonal card

can pose some problems.

How do you keep the

workload minimized - if

you are going to do

several cards to all at once?

...let me give you some tools!

(see below)

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pdf Printable looks like this

Stampscapes Holiday Greetings fb.jpg
Holiday Greetings PDF image fb.jpg

Use this PDF printout to have your own

"Holiday Greetings" to stamp on.

Click the red pdf icon to get started.

Watch the video!